Facebook subscriptions let you fine-tune your news feed


Updated. Facebook now has a solution for dealing with friends who post too often, or are constantly adding games or apps that fill up your news feed, besides just hiding all their posts. The social network will announce subscriptions Wednesday, which are designed to let users decide what they want to see more and less of in their news feed. Subscriptions build on the idea of more control for users, which we also saw Tuesday with the introduction of Smart Lists, and with changes that emphasized privacy introduced last month.

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Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race

(Excerpt from http://mashable.com/2011/03/29/innovative-digital-marketing-agencies/)

The 2011 Super Bowl was more than a Packers-Steelers showdown — it was also the centerpiece of an innovative auto campaign. After competitors deemed Mercedes-Benz to be old and dodgy, the German car company enlisted Razorfish to liven its image. The Razorfish team, led by Frederic Bonn, launched the first-ever Tweet Race.

It was like any other race, except that the amount of gas each team could use was directly proportional to the volume of tweets it was generating. Four teams (pairs who had extant Twitter followings) competed, each with a Twitter-savvy “celebrity coach” — Serena Williams, Pete Wentz, Nick Swisher or Rev Run – who leveraged their own Twitter followings for the race. The race and the #MBTweetRace hashtag were also marketed via promoted tweets and promoted trends on Twitter.

The campaign generated more than 150,000 tweets from 21,000 users. It’s too early to say whether Mercedes sold more cars because of the campaign, but the goal was more about brand perception, and Mercedes embodied a cool, sleek and cutting-edge vibe in the eyes of consumers.

Study looks into hybrid car risks

(Excerpt from http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/business/a/-/national/7262020/study-looks-into-hybrid-car-risks/)

A world-first study into the risks quiet hybrid cars pose to visually impaired pedestrians will be launched in Queensland on Thursday.

Queensland motoring group RACQ will conduct the research in response to local and international media reports suggesting silent hybrid vehicles are a greater hazard to pedestrians because people can’t hear them coming.

RACQ spokesman Joe Fitzgerald says there have been some overseas research into hybrid cars and the risks to pedestrians, but none that focused on the effects on visionally impaired pedestrians in real life situations.

“This will be the first time that anyone will look at the effect hybrid cars have on vision impaired people,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

Ten volunteers, some sighted, some visually impaired and some blind, will take part in the study involving hybrid and conventional vehicles.

Details of how the study will be conducted will be revealed at the launch on Thursday at the Lakeside Raceway in Kurwongbah, north of Brisbane.

Renowned blind adventurer Gerrard Gosens will help launch the study, which also involves Vision Australia and Guide Dogs Queensland.

Luxury cars make a comeback

Excerpt from http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Tax-break-causes-mini-car-sales-boom-pd20100106-ZF6QK?opendocument&src=rss

The Australian vehicle market ended 2009 in a rush, as deliveries lifted to meet the deadline for the big business tax break on capital expenditure.

Sales in December were up 12,198 or 16 per cent on December 2008, although seasonally adjusted they were about 4,000 below December 2007, the last month of a record sales year.

The good monthly result ended a year which started very weakly but lifted as business buying responded to the tax break – the deadline for delivery of vehicles to larger businesses ended on 31 December while small businesses had to order vehicles by then to be eligible for their even more generous tax break.

December sales illustrated just how important the business tax break was, with light vehicle sales to business up 45 per cent on December 2008 and sales to rental companies – which lagged badly for most of the year – up 32 per cent. In contrast sales to private buyers were down marginally and government sales down more severely.

For the full year sales to business were down by one per cent while private sales were down 8 per cent; government and rental sales were down more markedly, with total sales down 7.4 per cent.

But luxury brands did better than most, with Audi increasing its full year sales by 20 per cent and BMW and Mercedes sales down just one per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively. The business tax break and the improving value of the Australian currency against the Euro during the year favoured these brands.

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