Coachella 2011 takes experiential to a whole new level

At this year’s Coachella music festival,  The Creators Project worked with the British multi-disciplinary collective United Visual Artists and Goldenvoiceconcerts on a 3D Rubik’s Cube-like installation of light and music, unfolding over three days on Coachella’s main stage.

Using bespoke software and LED light projection, UVA have created an immersive experience that will serve as both a platform for performance and as a standalone light and sound sculpture. To top it off, Vice has chosen key bands—Interpol, Animal Collective and Arcade Fire—to program distinct visual identities to coincide with their live performances.

For the Arcade Fire show, 2,000 lightweight balls equipped with LED lights and infrared receivers will be released into the crowd. As the balls drop, they’ll be controlled by a series of IR transmitters, altering the LED effects in each ball, and painting various lighting designs across the crowd for an effect that feels like a New Years Eve Balloon drop meets War of The Worlds.

(Excerpt from


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