Prius Projects

Prius Projects, a collection of the brand’s progress and history since 2000, as well as various partnerships and projects that engage the brand’s community. According to Toyota, Prius Projects ‘celebrates how Prius people are making the world more interesting.’ A series of videos and experiments chronicle the brand’s partnerships, contests, sponsorships, activations and their results, as well as more seasonal communications pieces. The site will document various new projects to be commission by the brand across the next year.

We enjoyed interacting with the site and perusing its content; while content and showcased projects are currently somewhat limited, the site works hard to showcase some pretty engaging work and content developed by the brand in its short life span (in the grand scheme of auto brands, at least). We also enjoyed the clean simplicity and aesthetic beauty of the site’s design – developed in HTML5.

The opportunity for the presentation of engaging, compelling branded content with HTML5 is significant. Google’s overhaul of the Blogger platform – and accompanying introduction of five new HTML5 dynamic views – also opens the opportunity for more individuals to realize these benefits in the presentation of their own personal projects.

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Check out the Toyota Prius site here


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