Big banks cop flak on twitter

(Excerpt from, 14 September 2010
Banner CampaignJessica Darnbrough

A study of five months’ worth of tweets about Australia’s big four banks has uncovered exactly what consumers think of the big four.

The study by Christine Walker of Alliance Strategic Research found that consumers biggest gripes centered on the level of service they receive from their major.

Of the 5,283 tweets analysed, 791 were about service – and 47 per cent of those were negative.

Ms Walker told The Adviser that while no bank received more negative comments than the rest, ANZ was the most talked about of the big four banks, followed closely by Westpac.

“NAB seems to stir the least amount of interest, as only 9 per cent of all the tweets we analysed were about National Australia Bank,” Ms Walker said.

“Roughly 45 per cent of all tweets to each bank were negative, while 25 per cent were positive and the rest neutral.”

Interestingly, Ms Walker said the bank that made its rate announcement first copped the most amount of flak.


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