Mumbrella praises new ANZ TVCs

The ad…

Excerpt from Mumbrella post…

Compare nasty Barbara to Westpac’s campaign that has been running for the past year. “We’re factor 50” etc. The Westpac campaign is happy, helpful, reliable and positive: full of cute schoolkids and cheerful Aussies. Just the sort of thing the Finance Sector Union would love.

It’s beautifully shot and has an original creative idea. It would be a great campaign for a well-loved Australian icon brand like Vegemite.

But Westpac is not Vegemite. It’s one of the big four banks and as such is not trusted or liked by many Australians. Simply stating how they want consumers to feel about them, in direct contradiction to how those consumers actually feel, is nuts.

Big companies do it all the time. “Lets spend millions on simple denial of the facts.” It never works.

ANZ want to be loved too, but it doesn’t just scream, “Love me, dammit!”

Its campaign works because it has been honest: honest about how Australians really feel about ALL banks.

And therein lies the key to problem brands: first admit that you have a problem. Be honest. Get heads nodding. Then sell your solution.


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