Coke ‘the secret is out there’ campaign

(Excerpt from

Starring Coke’s 19th century inventor and founder, Doc Pemberton, a viral video has launched an ARG-style teen-targeted campaign. There’s a whole heap of ace stuff in the mix here, all playing off the back of a new ‘keyhole-stamp’ bottle design – so bear with us while we run through the story so far…

Clicking on the bottle links in the viral spot ‘The Secret is Out There’, opens the @docpemberton Twitter stream and a Facebook ‘Ahh Giver’ app allowing users to send a message to a friend, delivered in video format by a polar bear and possibly coming attached with a Coke coupon.

Further links take viewers through to two ‘restricted’ online data areas: one, a collection of Dr Pemberton medical files from Coke’s year of birth 1886; the other an eerie live feed, the camera trained on a locked vault bearing the keyhole bottle logo and a host of unlikely visitors.


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