Chase Community Giving Facebook Campaign

The Idea

Let the public choose which charities JPMorgan Chase will donate to via voting on a Facebook page.

The Support

By involving users in the process, the donations will receive more public attention and customers will feel a sense of ownership over the donations.

The Execution

A Facebook fan page on which users can vote for their favourite charity to win a cut of $5 million that JPMorgan Chase will donate as part of the campaign.  To be eligible, charities must have an operation budget of less than $10 million.  The winning charity will receive $1 million, five runners-up will receive $100,000 a piece and the entire top 100 will receive $25,000 a piece.

The Stats

Over 12,000 Facebook members signed on in the first day.  The fan page currently has 213,821 fans (25 November) only 10 days after voting began on 15 November.

The Analysis

–          Engagement

  • The campaign involves its customers and surrenders power to the community (a notion synonymous with success in social media).
  • The campaign is simple, transparent and interactive.  It offers multiple levels of engagement from simply voting for a charity, to voting in separate but related polls and adding comments to the fan page wall.
  • The campaign encourages revisits.  The campaign is designed so that users keep returning to the Facebook page to check the stats and to find out the winner.

–          Integration

  • The Facebook campaign is supported by a Twitter account and is advertised on the Chase websites homepage.

–          Traffic

  • The charities vying for votes and their supporters are advertising the event for free.  This grass roots promotion both on and offline (from local charities and their supporters across the world) is the heart of the success of this campaign.

–          Unique

  • The uniqueness of the campaign has generated buzz in industry and business press.
  • The campaign is not emotion-based like the majority of other philanthropic marketing campaigns.  The campaign is honest and offers value (i.e. it gives more than it takes – users make no time/financial commitment and are rewarded with feeling as though they have contributed to a worthy cause).

Overall, the JP Morgan Chase Facebook campaign is a strong example of social media success for a relatively conservative brand.

Key Learnings

–          Involve customers

–          Surrender power to the community

–          Make your proposition simple, interactive and transparent

–          Offer multiple levels of engagement

–          Encourage revisits

–          Support your campaign with other media

–          Stimulate and amplify grassroots promotion

–          Do something unique to generate buzz

–          Be honest and offer value

–          Give more than you take


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